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The PACE Community of Practice (CoP) is made up of those groups and individuals who are familiar with NASA products, have a well-defined need for proposed PACE data products, will optimize their use of PACE products, possibly even before launch as part of the PACE test-bed activities and PACE calibration/validation, and who are capable of applying their own resources (funding, personnel, facilities, etc.) to demonstrate the utility of PACE data for their particular research, application, or model. The Community of Practice includes PACE Early Adopters who have committed to engage in pre-launch applied research to accelerate the integration of PACE products after launch in their specific application that aids decision-making and directly benefits society.


The overall goal of the PACE Community of Practice is to provide individuals and groups with the unique opportunity to network and share information with other members in the use of PACE data in pre-launch research. Through networking and information sharing, the CoP will seek to foster new partnerships and collaboration, generate new knowledge and innovations, and promote interdisciplinary research using PACE data.


  • Participate in PACE Applications events including workshops, focus sessions, tutorials, and quarterly webinars: PACE Applications will host multiple events for the Community of Practice to share updates on the mission status, provide support and information on the data products, gather feedback, share schedules and timelines, and answer questions.
  • Be in the know about PACE: As a member of the CoP, you will be among the first to know about any new features of the science data products and to receive updates and newsletters on the mission and PACE field campaigns.
  • Learn about access to simulated, proxy, calibration and validation (cal/val) data: CoP members will have access to simulated and proxy PACE data, cal/val data from PACE field campaigns, modeling, and synergistic studies via electronic file transfer through the Ocean Biology Distributed Active Archive Center (OB.DAAC).
  • Reference lessons learned: CoP members will have the opportunity to interact and exchange lessons learned with the Mission’s Early Adopters during quarterly webinars and at the various applications events.
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Becoming an PACE Early Adopter begins with completing an application using our online webform. After review, selected proposers will contacted by PACE Applications Program coordinators. The PACE Early Adopter Terms of Reference provides detailed information, including review and selection criteria.

There are many benefits to becoming a PACE Early Adopter. Interested? Contact us directly at pace-applications@oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov if you have any questions.

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