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A brochure featuring PACE
[12-Aug-19] Ocean Color Instrument & Ocean Polarimeters
PACE will provide key information on aerosols such as airborne dust, pollen, smoke and haze.
[02-Oct-18] Clouds & Aerosols Brochure
PACE will provide the first-ever global measurements designed to identify the composition of communities of phytoplankton.
[01-Oct-18] Phytoplankton & Life in Our Ocean Brochure
PACE will provide a combination of atmosphere and ocean observations to benefit society in the areas of water quality, human health, fisheries management, ecological forecasting, disaster impacts, and air quality.
[30-Sep-18] Data Applications Brochure
Ocean color observations by PACE will assist fisheries management and toxic algae bloom response.
[29-Sep-18] Economy & Society Brochure
PACE will help better identify phytoplankton communities from space. Its novel technology will keep a sharp eye on the health of our ocean. This e-brochure explains the ways PACE can differentiate between groups of plankton, based on the way they absorb, scatter or reflect light.
[16-Apr-18] Sea the Light
To reveal hidden details about our ocean and atmosphere, PACE will will measure light over a broader spectrum than today
[16-Apr-18] Colorful World
With the OCI and polarimeters, PACE will measure an exceptionally broad range of wavelengths to reveal new details about our ocean and atmosphere. This e-brochure explains how PACE
[16-Apr-18] The Air Down There
Kirsten Carlson, a scientific illustrator, was the Schmidt Ocean Institute
[12-Sep-17] From Sea to Space
This e-brochure, <i>A Climate Story: NASA Satellites Shed Light on the Delicate Balance Between Our Planet's Ocean & Atmosphere</i> provides a history of ocean remote sensing for climate and explores the relationship between aerosols, clouds, and the ocean.
[20-Jun-17] A Climate Story
This e-brochure, <em>Understanding Earth Together</em>, summarizes the reasons for joining the PACE Early Adopter Program.
[21-Mar-17] Understanding Earth Together
While orbiting Earth, PACE will not operate in a vacuum! This e-brochure, <em>PACE Synergy</em>, explores how PACE
[16-Mar-17] PACE Synergy
A brochure featuring the PACE mission.
[01-Dec-16] PACE Mission Brochure