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Loading the R/V Atlantis with Plankton Incubators

Fran├žoise Morison (URI) and Caitlin Russell secure incubators used to measure phytoplankton growth rates.
Credit: Stephanie Schollaert Uz/NASA. Download this image (JPG, 231 KB).
[10-May-16] The North Atlantic Aerosol and Marine Ecosystems Study (NAAMES) field campaign relied on a suite of sophisticated equipment to investigate the roles of phytoplankton in the ocean. Understanding the factors affecting phytoplankton growth can be key to assessing their ecological impacts. Fran├žoise Morison (left) of the University of Rhode Island and Caitlin Russell (right), a former intern at the University of Rhode Island, secured incubators to be used for measuring phytoplankton growth rate under various light levels and their consumption by single-celled organisms and viruses.