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Dr. Cetinic Explains Ocean Color

Dr. Cetinic Explains Ocean Color
Credit: NASA/GSFC. Download this image (JPG, 5.1 MB).
[11-Jun-17] Dr. Ivona Cetinic (right) shows participants attending the annual sneaker depth measurement event information about ocean color.

“The Fowler’s Sneaker Depth, will come in as a metric to look at long term water clarity trends for scientifically meaningful results and communicate those to the general public,” said Ivona Cetinic, an oceanographer with the Universities Space Research Association at NASA Goddard and one of the study’s authors. Cetinic and the team still need to make a few refinements though. For one, they might set the maximum limit of the sneaker depth as Fowler’s height — a way to retain the context of the number and honor Fowler’s dedication and work on the Chesapeake Bay. Second, the team would welcome more data points from the community to help refine the algorithm.

For more information on the annual event and on the Sneaker Depth algorithm, click here.