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Sizing Up the Clouds

Sizing Up the Clouds (PDF, 283 KB)
Source: Questia
[Oct-2003] In this activity, you will set up three simulated "clouds" representing three different cloud types. Students will use different methods to estimate the "precipitation" contents of each cloud type. Each method is roughly analogous to methods actually used in weather forecasting. Finally, the "precipitation" from each cloud will be released, and the students will compare their estimates to what is actually experienced on the "ground." In addition to gaining an appreciation of weather forecasting issues and technologies, students will practice math skills, including estimating, percentages, ratios, and averages.

Originally published in The Technology Teacher, October 2003, by the International Technology Education Association. Source: Fisher, D. (2003). The Technology Teacher, 63 (2).
Sizing Up the Clouds (PDF, 283 KB)
Cloud collage
Cloud collage. Credit: Serg_v.