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Hunter Erickson
Hunter Erickson
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Applied Research Topic

Managing Environments in the Palm of Your Hand
Co-Is: Jeff Lloyd, Hyphae; Elizabeth Freele, Hyphae

Potential Applications Mobile app for data dissemination, decision-support tool


Hyphae interprets Earth data through fungal biomimicry to provide decision-making support to individuals, businesses, and governments. Our subscription-based app connects users to information, assistance, and products to facilitate the sustainable management of natural capital. PACE products will complement our current Earth data to improve ocean health oversight and stewardship.


Information becomes simpler and empowers users to engage in evidence-based decision making for improved outcomes and a coordinated approach to planetary management.


PACE provides a level of detail, comprehension, and broadened access to global environmental and species data that has not yet been leveraged.

End User(s)

Ocean-based solution makers
Natural capital decision makers
Environmentally conscious individuals

SAT Partner(s)

Nima Pahlevan
Wild mushroom
Foraging for new wild mushrooms to understand what and how much is growing, how materials are recycled in an environment, and what we can learn by growing them in a lab environment.
Mycelium-inoculated trees
Mycelium (the white stuff) inoculated trees help visually understand how deep mycelium nets are in an area. This can help show the health of the redistribution of resources for plant growth, or if it is potentially parasitic and harmful to the overall health of a forest.
Conk mushroom on a tree
This tree has a type of Conk mushroom growing upwards towards the forest canopy. Seeing the various genus in an environment help paint a picture of the biodiversity to quantify natural capital for decision makers.