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2023 PACE Applications Workshop

September 6-7, 2023

This event focused on how the PACE mission and our community are preparing for the upcoming PACE launch. Participants identified best practices and next steps to address and improve user readiness, prepare for PACE data integration and application functionality, and finally post-launch transition and application implementation.

PACE Applications Workshop 2023 Virtual Agenda (with session recording links)

Day 1: Wednesday September 6, 2023

Time [EDT] Title
[Click on links to view videos]
10:00 AM
Workshop Welcome & Logistics
  • Host: Natasha Sadoff (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
10:20 AM Engagement/Icebreaker Activity
10:30 AM
  • Goals
    • Introduce the workshop theme, goals, and objectives.
    • Share results from the PACE Applications Program on user readiness assessments.
    • Share key themes and best practices for advancing applications using new data streams.
10:30 AM
NASA Earth Science Leadership Perspective
  • Speaker: Dalia Kirschbaum (NASA GSFC)
11:00 AM
PACE Applications Update: User Readiness
  • Speaker: Erin Urquhart (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
11:30 AM
Applying Human-Centered Design to Data Science
  • Speaker: Bo Peng (IDEO)
12:00 PM LUNCH
1:00 PM
  • Host: Erin Urquhart (NASA/SSAI)
  • Goals:
    • Provide an overview of the PACE Mission & instruments.
    • Update the community on the latest from the PACE Project Science disciplines.
    • Provide a snapshot of PACE data and access via OB.DAAC, and next steps leading up to launch.
1:05 PM
PACE Mission Overview, Updates, & Data Products
  • Speaker: Jeremy Werdell (NASA GSFC)
1:35 PM
PACE I&T, Status, Hardware Updates
  • Speaker: Mark Voyton (NASA GSFC)
1:55 PM
PACE Data Access via the OB.DAAC
  • Speaker: Alicia Scott (NASA GSFC/SAIC)
2:15 PM POSTERS (45 min)
3:00 PM
  • Moderator: Natasha Sadoff (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
  • Panelists:
    • Brian Cairns (NASA GISS/Columbia Univ.): Atmosphere and Air Quality
    • Kirk Knobelspiesse (NASA GSFC): Polarimetry
    • Ivona Cetinic (NASA GSFC/MSU): Ocean Biogeochemistry & Bio-optics
    • Amir Ibrahim (NASA GSFC): Atmospheric Correction
    • Cecile Rousseaux (NASA GSFC): Level 4 products
    • Fred Huemmrich (UMBC): Terrestrial Science

Day 2: Thursday September 7, 2023

Time [EDT] Title
[Click on links to view videos]
10:00 AM
Day 2 Workshop Welcome & Logistics
  • Host: Erin Urquhart (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
10:10 AM Engagement/Icebreaker Activity
10:20 AM
  • Host: Erin Urquhart (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
  • Goals
    • Learn about tools, ideas, and best practices in preparation for PACE launch
    • Consider lessons learned in preparing for incorporating new datasets into applications
    • Explore topics related to interoperability, stakeholder engagement, and training
10:20 AM
Plenary: Lessons in User Readiness from the ICESat-2 Mission
  • Speaker: Sabrina Delgado-Arias (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
10:40 AM
Preparing for PACE: How NASA Can Help
  • Speaker: Melanie Follette Cook (NASA GSFC)
11:00 AM
Data Interoperability: How to Prepare your Tools for PACE Data
  • Speaker: Kimberly Hyde (NOAA Fisheries)
11:20 AM
Stakeholder (re)Engagement: Training and Communication
  • Speaker: Ashutosh Limaye (NASA MSFC)
11:40 AM
Q&A and Discussion
12:00 AM LUNCH & LOUNGE (60 min)
1:00 PM
  • Host: Natasha Sadoff (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
  • Goals
    • Learn about PACE simulated data and how to use it to prepare for launch
    • Explore case studies about applications preparing for PACE data integration
    • Consider lessons learned from community members
1:05 PM
Get Ready for PACE with Simulated Data
  • Speakers: Emerson Sirk (NASA GSFC/SSAI) and Meng Gao (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
1:30 PM
Integrating Earth Observation Data: Coastal and Freshwater Ecosystems
  • Nima Pahlevan (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
1:40 PM
Integrating Earth Observation Data: From Sargassum to Oil Spills
  • Chuanmin Hu (University of Florida)
1:50 PM
Integrating Earth Observation Data: Aerosols, Weather, and Human Health
  • Marcela Loria Salazar (University of Oklahoma)
1:50 - 2:10 PM Q&A and Discussion
2:35 PM
  • Host: Erin Urquhart (NASA GSFC/SSAI)
  • Goals
    • Learn about successful transition and operationalization of projects and datasets to operation
    • Consider important perspectives in successful and impactful applications
2:45 PM
The power of collaboration in creating and operationalizing beneficial NASA data, products, and tools
  • Speaker: Amber McCullum (NASA/Bay Area Environmental Research Institute)
3:05 PM
Panel: Thinking Big on Transitioning Applications
  • Moderator: Kelly Luis (NASA JPL)
  • Panelists: Panelists: Yaítza Luna-Cruz (NASA HQ); Blake Schaeffer (EPA); Raha Hakimdavar (Zyon Space); Kari St. Laurent (NOAA NESDIS)
3:50 PM
Workshop & Day 2 Closing
  • Host: Erin Urquhart (NASA GSFC/SSAI) and Natasha Sadoff (NASA GSFC/SSAI)

Becoming an PACE Early Adopter begins with completing an application using our online webform. After review, selected proposers will contacted by PACE Applications Program coordinators. The PACE Early Adopter Terms of Reference provides detailed information, including review and selection criteria.

There are many benefits to becoming a PACE Early Adopter. Interested? Contact us directly at pace-applications@oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov if you have any questions.

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