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Early Adopters

The PACE Early Adopter program promotes applied science and applications research designed to scale and integrate PACE data into policy, business, and management activities that benefit society and inform decision making.

Who are Early Adopters?

PACE Early Adopters are groups and individuals who:
  1. Have a direct, clearly-defined need for PACE ocean color, aerosol, cloud or polarimetry data;
  2. Have an existing application or new ideas for novel PACE-related applications;
  3. Currently work with application end user(s) and can describe their decision-making process;
  4. Have an interest in utilizing a proposed PACE product; and
  5. Can apply their own resources (personnel, tools, funding, facilities, etc.) to demonstrate the utility of PACE data for their particular system or model.

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Early Adopter?

  • Opportunities to engage with the PACE Project
  • Interaction with other members of the Early Adopter team
  • Participation in PACE Applications Program workshops, focus sessions, and tutorials events
  • Access to pre-launch simulated and proxy PACE data
  • Updates on the PACE mission, science data products, and field campaigns

Apply to Be an Early Adopter

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Join the Early Adopter Program

Becoming an PACE Early Adopter begins with completing an application using our online webform. After review, selected proposers will contacted by PACE Applications Program coordinators. The PACE Early Adopter Guide provides detailed information, including review and selection criteria.

There are many benefits to becoming a PACE Early Adopter. Interested? Contact us directly at pace-applications@oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov if you have any questions.

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