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Ocean Color Scientists Participate in Wade In

Ocean Color Scientists Participate in Wade In
Credit: NASA/GSFC. Download this image (JPG, 3.6 MB).
[11-Jun-17] Ocean color scientists Norman Kuring (left) and Lachlan McKinna (right) wade waist-deep into the Chesapeake Bay to measure the "Sneaker Depth" of the water - the depth where a pair of white sneakers can no longer be seen.

Scientists make precise measurements of water clarity from satellite data, but the calculations can be complex and hard to explain to people outside the discipline of oceanography. Now NASA is adopting Fowler’s sneaker idea to communicate satellite measurements of water clarity, enabling the observations to be shared easily with interested the general public, local governments or anyone who is interested. NASA scientists calling this algorithm “Fowler’s Sneaker Depth” — the depth of water, in meters, at which a person can no longer see their white shoes.

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