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Beyond Blue: Why Ocean Color Really Matters

[18-Sep-2020] In these excerpts from Beyond Blue: Why Ocean Color Really Matters, Project Scientist Dr. Jeremy Werdell and Mission Systems Engineer Dr. Gary Davis discuss the PACE observatory and its instrumentation.

Jeremy WerdellDr. Jeremy Werdell
PACE Project Scientist
Goddard Space Flight Center

Gary DavisDr. Gary Davis
PACE Mission Systems Engineer
Goddard Space Flight Center

As big as a minivan and powered by the sun
Beyond instruments - radiators, solar calibration, and a cross-track rotating telescope
Ocean Color Instrument (OCI) performance and environmental assessment
The finer points of satellite instruments
It takes a world to make a space mission
The importance of troubleshooting and learning on the go
Looking on the bright side
Looking at light a little bit differently
Great instruments come in small packages
A typical day in the life of PACE
Radiation and temperature extremes: the space environment on the ground
The sun, the moon, and the Earth: calibrating the space system
Why does this look like it's built from Legos? Getting your vision across with mockups
What's new this time around?