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Tracking Carbon from the Ocean Surface to the Twilight Zone

Scientists and crew aboard the RRS James Cook deploy a sampling rosette that allows for collection of water samples and other information from ocean depths. Credit: Deborah Steinberg
(10-May-21) A seaward journey, supported by both NASA and the National Science Foundation, set sail in the northern Atlantic in early May - the sequel to a complementary expedition, co-funded by NSF, that took place in the northern Pacific in 2018.

The 2021 deployment of NASA's oceanographic field campaign, called Export Processes in the Ocean from Remote Sensing (EXPORTS), consists of 150 scientists and crew from more than 30 governmental, university and private non-governmental institutions. The team is spread across three oceanographic research vessels, which will meet in international waters west of Ireland over the Porcupine Abyssal plain. A total of 52 high-tech platforms, including several autonomous vehicles, will be taking measurements and continuously collecting data. NASA GSFC